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About HealersWiki

The word Wiki comes from the acronym for “What I Know Is”. A Wiki is a text that is written and edited by multiple authors, so it evolves over time. It allow for a body of knowledge to be shared and enriched by a community of users.

Featured Wiki Articles

We select the latest and greatest articles from the Wiki to showcase on this page, so you do not have to trawl through the Wiki regularly to find updates. You can also subscribe to this update stream using RSS, or, if that means nothing to you, simply bookmark this page!


Are you running a workshop for healers, or do you know someone who is? We invite you to submit your listings for our global calendar to spread the word and attract more participants.

Healer Directory

Our directory allows healers to list their location and special interests so that prospective clients can easily find them. Healers can display as much or as little contact and biographical information as they wish, and link to their own websites.