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Is there something you need to know about that we have not yet covered on HealersWiki?

Please write your article request as a Comment below, and other users will be able to cast their vote on it. Justin and Marcus will prioritise the requests with the highest amount of votes in their research and editing work here. NB: We moderate these comments to keep them appropriate, so it may take from a few minutes to a day for your request to be shown, depending on where we are in the world!

If you see a request that YOU have expertise on, please do not hesitate to go to the Wiki section and Add an Article about it!

Asking for and contributing knowledge at HealersWiki gives you CyberKarma points! You will receive 1 CyberKarma point for each article request you post below, and 25 CyberKarma points for each Wiki article you add, as well as Big Love hearts from the healer community and the Universe in general…


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  1. marcususer says:

    Healing with Schizophrenic clients

    Popular request! Vote: Thumb up +4 Please log in / register to vote!
  2. MarcusBS MarcusBS says:

    The different crystals and their healing properties

    Vote: Thumb up +3 Please log in / register to vote!

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