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About HealersWiki

The word Wiki comes from the acronym for “What I Know Is”. A Wiki is a text that is written and edited by multiple authors, so it evolves over time. It allow for a body of knowledge to be shared and enriched by a community of users.

Individual pages within a Wiki are called Articles, and we have divided them into various categories called SubWikis, so it is easier to find related material.

We invite you to share not only what you “Know”, but also what you Sense, Feel, Intuit or otherwise perceive through your whole sensorium.

To get started, please have a look at the instructions on how to write a Wiki!

Healers’ Wiki was founded by Justin Bonnet and Marcus Sorensen, after a request for such a website was made in the Brennan Healing Science Community page on Facebook. Our hope is that the website will continue to evolve, with input from healers across the world, and become a useful and valuable resource for us all.