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Parkinson’s Disease

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Elderly Man with Parkinson's DiseaseBIOLOGICAL BASIS

Parkinson’s is a disease where a part of the brain called the “substantia nigra” that produces a neuro-transmitter called “dopamine” gets gradually destroyed. When there is not enough dopamine, it is very hard for the brain to transmit instructions for physical movement to other parts of the brain that execute those instructions. The person with Parkinson’s thereby has more and more difficulty in making conscious movements, gets slower and slower in their movements, leaving them with a mask-like face and (paradoxically) also something called a “resting tremor” where their fingers or hands might be shaking at rest, or they appear to be rolling an invisible pill between them.

The biological pathology behind Parkinson’s isn’t completely known yet, but it is very likely an AUTOIMMUNE disease – the body’s own immune system is attacking the body.


It feels like the energy consciousness of this is similar to other autoimmune diseases: a high sensitivity to the external environment, and an overblown defence reaction to it. This sensitivity to the “external” obviously indicates a big split between internal and external… as in “there is something horrible and scary out there I need to protect myself from”. This heightens one’s immune system to maximum defence levels and it loses the ability to differentiate between friend and enemy. The triggering fear is probably projected onto the external world from something that actually is “horrible and scary” in one’s inside world – maybe some Lower Self or Shadow components?

In a certain manner, Parkinson’s patients end up becoming frozen in that fear, as they lose the ability to make conscious movement and their face also loses the ability to express emotion. Parkinson’s patients are given extra dopamine (L-DOPA) as temporary treatment for their condition, but that only works for a few years as their condition deteriorates. There are films of patients given the dopamine treatment who are then suddenly able to get up from their chair, move with great intention and determination, and sort of reclaiming their lives.

It brings to mind something about intentionality on the haric level as well as the lower self / shadow fear elements mentioned before. If there is a distortion on the haric level, one could get an illusion of powerlessless due to twisted intentionality, which might also generate the exaggerated immune system response that starts to destroy parts of one’s own brain, as a distorted attempt to get rid of the feeling of powerlessness (like military pre-emptive strikes!)…


Over a century ago, long before the advent of L-DOPA treatment for Parkinson’s, people with this disease would hire young boys to walk around after them in the street. And then, when the person with Parkinson’s (usually a man in his middle age) would start to freeze up, unable to take another step consciously, the young boy would give him a push from behind. This would spark a reflex reaction in the older man, not involving his conscious decision-making, and he would automatically extend his foot in front of him to avoid falling, and thereby be able to continue his walk.


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